Video Salon Redux
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Video Salon Redux Thursday, November 15, 2007 6:30 PM Dimension 7(D7) 150 Folsom San Francisco, California 94105 Join us for the inaugural Video Salon Redux, a monthly real world gathering of online media hackers, video artists, filmmakers, serialists, metaverse dwellers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, collaborators, co-conspirators and anyone else interested in the evolving landscape of internet based visual media. VSR is one part curated presentations, one part open show-n-tell and a very healthy dose of networking and cross-pollination (where the real magic happens). 6:30-7:30 cocktails/refreshments/happy hour 7:30-8:30 Introduction & curated presentations from >> Michael O'Rourke: D7 TV D7TV is a production company creating original content for internet television and mobile devices. D7TV will be showcasing its original short content ranging from news to comedy to lifestyle programming and discussing its future plans for creating branded entertainment. >> Eddie Codel & Irina Slutsky: Geek Entertainment TV Geek Entertainment TV reports from deep inside the bubble as it re-inflates. Eddie & Irina will give a quick history & overview of GETV and show a few favorite episodes. Irina is organizing The Winnies in LA at the end of the month and will have some announcements. >> Nick Douglas: LookShiny / Goggle Burn: Nick Douglas is starting a site named Goggle Burn, a VH1 for the web. He'll show his favorite online series to show why movies on the Internet don't have to be "America's Funniest Home Videos." 8:30-9:00 open salon: 5 minutes to show your stuff 9:30-11:00 salon/networking/ambient lounge In the coming months, VSR will showcase a range of diverse subjects such as machinima, lifecasting, episodic content, mashups, distributed collaboration, personal storytelling, copyright and licensing as well as reality hacking. VSR is co-produced by Michael O'Rourke ( and Eddie Codel ( and is kindly hosted at Dimension 7 Studios in downtown San Francisco. If you are interested in presenting at a future VSR, please contact one of us.

'At the core of any movement, there always seems to be at least one space where generous, creative, dedicated, and visionary people take it upon themselves to build a community. This requires a ton of hard work, but its one of the most beautiful things that people do. For VJs in San Francisco, that place is Dimension 7(D7). Paul Spinrad The VJ Book

Saturday, January 21, 2006
Check out Dimension 7's latest project, STORYTODAY.TV D7 is producing a news program every tuesday and friday night at 8pm PST from our studio in downtown San Francisco. With a diverse cast of over ten anchors and an excellent team of people behind the cameras,, is creating a different kind of news show. If you are tired of mainstream media and question the news you are getting, check out on the Today.TV internet broadcasting network.

VJ Culture Blogs

Checkout Dimension7's VJ Culture blogs @ Blogs cover Hardware, software reviews and events related to Audio/Visual Culture.

Video Salon
Mar. 2005
We are very excited to announce that on March 8th we will have guest from Edirol Headquarters’ in Japan. Meet some of the engineers from Edirol/Roland Japan. Plus, representatives from Edirol USA. They have new product that will roll out at the end of the month. That's about all I can say. Plus, great DJ's and cheap drinks. 8:30-12:30 this month on the 2nd Tuesday

VJ / AV Battles SF during MacWorld

"Iron VJ" VJ Battle SF Thursday Jan. 13th 2005 1015 Folsom St. (Folsom @ 6th St.) San Francisco, CA. Door $10.00 +21 older 9:00PM-1:00AM (Competition starts at 9:30) Presented by Video Salon Co-presenters Lumens, Dimension 7, Lightrhythm Visuals 2005, the year of the VJ From the organizers of the Video Riot 02, 03, 04, VJ Battles @ Siggraph and AVIT SF. Video Salon presents "Iron VJ", San Francisco's first VJ Battle held during MacWorld SF Expo. · Competition style VJ showcase pits VJ's head to head on separate screens for 3:30 minute rounds. · Style, composition, Strategy and synchronization to the music all a play roll in crowning the Iron VJ. · Music provided by the DJ (Philip Sherburne). · Total of 16 VJ's · Head to Head competition on four screens, winners advance to the next round. · Audience determines the winner by voting with text messaging so bring your mobile device. Hardware and software prizes for the top winners. Email for rules and event outline. DJ's In the Front Room Alaric (Insect Funeral / Extra Sensory Projection) IK Amy-O (Infinite Kaos / Video Salon) Main Room The DJ for the VJ Battle Philip Sherburne Sponsored by Edirol and Arkaos

Monday, November 8, 2004
Video Riot 04 November 8, 2004 3 in a row! Yet another successful Video Riot Each year more and more artists are buying their own gear. That means less work for the organizers. This year we provided the power (60K generator), the parking lot and a big white wall. The rest was the incredible talent of the visual art community.

Hatch Fest. Bozeman MT.
Sept. 8-12th 2004
VJ Culture and Nika Offenbac of C-trl Labs (NY) Head off to Bozeman Montana for a week long Audio/Visual Film Fest. Outdoor building projections, Audio/Visual performance and motion graphic titles for the Hatch Fest. awards.

Reno Airshow building Projections
Sept 14-19th, 2004
Client: Red Bull hires us to do a 5 day building projection campaign in Reno NV. for the Red Bull Airshow. 1 portable DVD player, 1 6500 lumens projector, 20 buildings.

Red Bull Flugtag Cleveland
Thursday, August 14, 2004
D7's Grant Davis heads to Cleveland OH for a building projection campaign. Renegade projections on downtown buildings around the club district of Cleveland for two weekends. Plus, Post Red Bull Flugtag video in 10 nightclubs. Immediately after Saturday's Red Bull event D7 installed projectors, DVD players and screens in 10 of Cleveland's nightclubs. Ocean Watch industries recorded the Flugtag event and encoded 10 DVD's for all the clubs so patrons could relive the action from earlier in the day.

Other World Party
saturday june 26
Tino Corp., Kid606, Cat Five, Mochipet and Freaky Chakra vs. Single Cell Orchestra will all be performing live. Jonah Sharp will also play vinyl sets. San Francisco's Dimension7 will be creating an immersive environment with video projection systems. The event will take place in a West Oakland warehouse, from 10pm to 5am Saturday, June 26th. For more information- including location info the day of show- call 510 287 5917 or visit

AVIT SF Festival
June 10th-13th
Photos of AVIT at AVIT Audio Visual Festival June 10th-13th SF CA 3 days of Audio/Visual Performance and Tradeshow Thursday Night June 10th AVIT Theatre Academy of Art Auditorium $10.00 7:30-10:30 The Light Surgeons from London England and Christopher Willits and Scott Pagano Friday Daytime June 11th AVIT Social 12:00 to 4:00PM Dimension 7 Studio 150 Folsom St. Free Friday Night June 11th Lightrhythm Visuals party at Cellspace 2050 Bryant Saturday Daytime June 12th 11:30 to 5:30 AVIT Tradeshow StudioZ 314 11th Street Free Checkout www.avitus for a list of vendors. Saturday Night AVIT showcase. 9:00PM to 4:00AM With Tino Corp, TV Sheriff, Broker Dealer, An-Ten-nae and international and national DJ's VJ's and AV artists. checkout for a full list of artists and bios.

Video Salon 3 year anniversary
Thursday, April 1, 2004
Video Salon 3 years of demos and VJ jamming April 6th 9:00-1:00AM Demos of High End Systems Catalyst Pioneer's DVJ-x1 Korg Kaoss Entrancer Edirol's V4 and DV7-PR Plus Software demos and the rest of Video Salon artists.

Pioneer DVJ DVD Player Demo @ Video Salon 150 Folsom St. SF CA Feb. 10th 9:00-12:30 Stop by and bring your own DVD if you would like. Pioneer introduces the first pitch control, scratchable DVD player to the VJ and music video DJ market. There are only two of these units in the country so stop by and check it out. Also motorized mirror control software by the Coil Collective. (see the Video salon page for more info).

World Spirt W/ Alex Grey and ABA Structure
Dec 12th in Oakland's Sweet's Ballroom, 8pm-4pm.
3 individually synchronized screens

Video Riot!
October 8th 2003 in San Francisco, 8pm-11pm.
Check Out A Video Clip From last year, 5megs, quicktime.

VIDEO RIOT! Returns Wednesday October 8th. Last October, a group of video and light-art enthusiasts SWAT-teamed a SOMA parking lot using only what they referred to as "weapons of mass projection".

This year, VIDEO RIOT! will again showcase San Francisco's homegrown Vj community in a format that is a cross between an edgy electronic tailgate party and a real-time drive-in multiplex. Artists will join forces to create a massive outdoor wall of light just off the Embarcadero.

San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium

when: Saturday, September 27, 2003 (12pm-late)
where: Dimension7 (150 Folsom St, 415.348.0761)
price: $5 from 6:30-11pm / FREE the rest of day

The very idea of "performance cinema" might seem like an oxymoron, but new developments in software are facilitating the rise of an artistic movement in which visuals are manipulated in real time. Combining improvisation, the fractal techniques of glitch electronica, and moving pictures, the genre references classic experimental cinema while branching off into a rapidly developing array of startlingly new directions. Today's symposium brings together a score of the medium's artists — among them Jitter developer Kit Clayton, Sue Costabile, Christina McPhee, and Phoebe Legere — for a day packed with panels and performances.

VJ Battle @ Siggraph
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
SYNESTHETIC :: VJ Battle @ Siggraph -- San Diego, CA Wednesday July 30th, 2003 -- 7PM-2AM
featuring DJ Jason Bentley (music supervisor for Matrix Reloaded)

VJ Battle @ Siggraph After Party San Diego CA. July 30th.
Hosted by Dimension 7 and Lumens Tour
Sponsored by Edirol, Ati and Red Bull energy drink.

Open call for artist to compete.

The Siggraph Conference 2003 held this year in San Diego Ca. is the largest and best-attended conference for computer graphics and visual effects. Siggraph is notorious for revealing the latest technology related to the world of graphic art. Just as famous are the parties held in the evening, over the top productions are not the exception during Siggraph; they are the rule.

Artist from around the world will converge at the San Diego Conference Center July 28th July 30th. Many of these artists are creators of multi-media designed for live video mixing.

The VJ battle will be the first of its kind held during Siggraph.
DJ Jason Bentley will headline the event.
Artist will mix their visual media live to the music of an undisclosed DJ. Four artists at a time on three individual screens compete for 20 minutes sets. Winners advance to the next round, over all winners will win Ati graphics card and other prizes.

<more info...>

D7's VJ Culture returns for Barcelona Spain where he presented Arkaos demos at Sonar 03. Now he is off to Nashville to present video mixing to the NAMM (National Association of Music Makers) tradeshow. Hourly demos at the Edirol booth. Presenting the V4 video mixer and DV7PR. Dates 7/16-20/03 checkout

Winter Music Festival
March 2003
5 days of poolside video mixing at the Winer Music Conference in South Beach Miami, FL. Sponsored by Edirol and ReMix Magazine.

February 2003
Dimension 7 created a video for an event where Maya Angelou read from her most recent work. The video mixed images from twelve acclaimed African American photographers with text from Maya Angelou's writings. Nordstroms and AT&T Wireless were sponsors of the event.

Sea of Dreams/TANTRA New Years 2003

Dimension 7(D7) managed two video teams for two of San Francsico's largest New Year's celebrations. Massive video projections from seven projectors immersed the audience at the epic Sea of Dreams show while five projectors, lasers, and custom rotating screens entranced the dance community at TANTRA. Happy New Year San Francisco!!

D7 directed the integration of the computer graphics for the Destiny's Child Show for KISS 106's Christmas concert at the Tacoma Dome in Washington State. Other performers included Kylie Minogue, Avril Lavigne, and Eve. The event was part of the Budweiser True Music series. Video clips coming....

Video Riot/Video Salon in Wired and San Francisco Chronicle


San Francisco Chronicle


On September 19, in the Technology section of the NY Times(Circuits), Grant Davis(VJ Culture) and Michael O'Rourke of D7 are quoted for an article about the growing VJ phenomenon. Included was a photo from inside the D7 studio.


Dimension 7 provided visual support for the Nordstrom Brass Plum Fashion show this summer. The models were shot with three high definition cameras as they walked the runway. The images of the models were mixed on the projection screens with computer generated special effects from Dimension 7. The Nordstrom logo and the designer's lines of clothing were seen in a whole new way.

October 8th, 2002
Tuesday Evening, October 8, in association with the Transcinema Festival, Dimension 7 (D7) will host the Video Salon Video Riot. Artists are cordially invited to bring their projectors, video mixers, lasers, computers, and most importantly, their original content (dvds, cds, SVHS & VHS tapes, floppy discs) to create a wall of light on a massive 300 foot long by 200 foot high projection wall across from the Dimension 7 (D7) studio on Folsom Street in downtown San Francisco. This promises to be a collective projection experience never seen before.


D7 directed and provided visual support for the BFD Concert in Seattle in August this year. Directing four High Definition cameras and utilizing two of the largest LED screens in the world, Michael and Grant and Matt Whitman (CGI) worked with the Seattle Seahawks AV team in the new stadiums control room. D7's unique video mix of the sponsorship advertising with the live action on stage made the audience take notice.
Performers included P. Diddy(Puff Daddy), Avril Levigne, Shaggy, and Michelle Branch. Pontiac was the sponsor for this concert which benefitted the Hutchison Cancer Research Center.

Watch our own video of the production of the event: 7 megs, quicktime format.


I AM releases in January 2003
Written by Joseph P. Firmage
Directed by Michael O'Rourke
Produced by Dimension 7 (D7)

Watch the trailer:
14 megs, quicktime format.

Paul Oakenfold Video for MTV

D7 travelled to Joshua Tree for the filming of the Paul Oakenfold video single "Starry Eyed Surprise" which premiered July 12th on MTV. We provided visual effects and video mixing for the shoot. Keep a look out for the video on MTV. Pierre Jasmine from Revision FX did the post FX.

Watch our own video of the production of the shoot: 10 megs, quicktime format.

White Party at Ruby Skye

D7's VJ Culture mixed live video Friday July 19th @ Ruby Skye's White party. Produced by Square Fridays and Delicious Karma

Music Video for X-Mode DVD
Tuesday, June 25, 2002
X-Mode DVD comes out in Japan with Dimension 7's video for Chilldren ov Paradise track New Delhi Space Station.

Psychic Chakra Festival

Just got back from Psychic Chakra Festival in Sands, Colorado. Happy Solstice.

VJ Culture Wins Arkaos Contest threw this VJ competition and D7's VJ Culture won first place and a brand new Apple G4 Tower, yeehaw.

January, 2002
D7 made it out to Park City, Utah this year for the Sundance Film Festival. A highlight for us was working the Diamonds and Denim party sponsored by the William Morris Talent Agency, the Diesel clothing company and Details Magazine.
Also over the winter D7 travelled to the Winter Music Conference in Miami for a weekend of three shows.


D7 was up North in Seattle with 15,000 people at the KISS 106 FM Jingle Bell Bash with Train, Barenaked Ladies, American HiFi, Jessica Simpson and more.

D7 created a sixty minute documentary for Groundwork 2001, a week-long series of concerts and community activities in Seattle, Washington. This concert at the Key Arena was the first North American event in support of the United Nation's (FAO) TeleFood campaign to reduce world hunger. The lineup to help feed the world was R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Alanis Morrisette, Dave Matthews and other performers. The concert, hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow, aired on VH1.